About Ralph Asher, Founder

I have worked at the intersection of artificial intelligence and supply chain for nearly a decade. First at General Mills and then at Target, I have dedicated my career to helping organizations transform their supply chains through advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI).

In my time in the corporate world, I have been a hands-on leader, applying AI to strategic supply chain network design, last-mile e-commerce network design, and advanced analytics. The global tragedy of COVID-19 has shown how supply chains, normally invisible, are fundamental to our daily lives.

Considering these life-changing events, I am embarking on a new professional journey: to help a broad assortment of clients, across industries, apply advanced analytics to improve their supply chain.

I am available for consulting, analytics project management, corporate training, and more. Please contact me using the links below.

I hold a BS in Physics and an MS in Operations Research. I hold a US Patent for the use of data science in supply chain design. Additionally, I am a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and continue to serve as an officer in the Marine Corps Reserve.

I reside with my family in the Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota area.

Email: ralph@datadrivensupplychain.com