Data Driven Supply Chain LLC lives at the intersection of supply chain and data science. We believe these trends will change the world, and firms that embrace them will future-proof their supply chains and outpace their competition.

  • Supply Chains are complex and non-linear
  • Systems thinking will be required to design and manage supply chains of the future.
  • The falling unit cost of collecting, storing, and processing data makes it finally possible to track detailed activity across supply chains.
  • Cloud computing makes large-scale supply chain modeling accessible to all.
  • Open-source programming languages will upend the paradigm of commercial toolkits in supply chain analytics

We offer:

  • Project-based Consulting
  • Supply Chain Analytics Project Management
  • Advisory Services to Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics Teams
  • Corporate Training

Core competencies include:

  • Mapping, Dashboarding and Data Visualization
  • Distribution Network Design: Warehouse Location and Customer Alignment Optimization
  • Manufacturing Network Design: Location Optimization and Line Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization and Simulation
  • Four-Walls Simulation
  • Last-Mile Delivery Network Design and Vehicle Routing Optimization
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis and Simulation
  • Supply Chain Financial Risk Analysis and Simulation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Forecasting Market Expansion Potential

Customized Corporate Training Includes:

  • Optimization Modeling for Manufacturing, Warehousing, or Transportation Network Design and Planning
  • Discrete Event Simulation for Supply Chain
  • Monte Carlo Simulation for Supply Chain Analysis & Financial Risk Analysis
  • Geospatial Analysis and Simulation for Supply Chain
  • Data Literacy for Senior Supply Chain Leaders
  • Data Analytics for Supply Chain Managers
  • Refresher Course on Business Statistics and Probability

Please contact Data Driven Supply Chain today for a free discussion on your needs and potential partnership using the Contact form. We are located in the Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota (USA) area but are open to national and global clients.

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