Success Story!

Another client success! If you’re interested in learning how Data Driven Supply Chain LLC can help you navigate the uncertain supply chain waters with supply chain modeling and advanced analytics, please email me for a free consultation:

I recently was brought in to help a client, a B2C segment leader with double-digit annual growth projections, facing major decisions in its first-mile network.

After working closely with the client team to understand its first-mile pain points and end-to-end product flow, I developed a bespoke supply chain network optimization model to enable rapid “what-if” scenario analysis, all using open source tools.

Working with the client team, we landed on several scenarios around port optimization, port risk mitigation, and make/buy decisions for key products.

As part of the project deliverables, the client received a custom-built dashboard app (using Shiny) of the scenario results, including maps, summary graphics, and detailed results, which facilitated further internal discussions.

Many thanks to this client and, if this is the kind of hands-on, in-depth modeling your supply chain could use, please reach out!

Project completed end-to-end using R, packages including: tidyverse, ggplot2, leaflet, gurobi, ompr, and Shiny

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