Fascinating paper that attempts to model and quantify financial risk to ports and associated logistics assets (e.g., terminals, road, rail) due to weather events. It can be a bit dense at times, so it helped me to print out and highlight. Worthwhile reading for anybody interested in supply chain risk, supply chain modeling, or logistics.

“The largest port-specific risk is found for ports in Asia, in particular mainland China and Taiwan… the Gulf of Mexico… and Western Europe. The Ports of Houston, Shanghai, Port Elizabeth (South Africa), Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico), and Rouen (France) are found to be the top 5 at-risk ports.

The port of Houston faces the largest risk from a combination of cyclone wind, pluvial [surface] flooding and fluvial [river] flooding.”

If you’re interested in modeling your supply chain and its associated risks, let’s talk. Data Driven Supply Chain LLC has case studies that may resonate.

Regards, Ralph