Happy New Year everyone! 2022 was my first full year of running my business, Data Driven Supply Chain LLC, after spending 15 years in the corporate world and military. I learned a tremendous amount. I met and worked with great people. I read a lot and wrote some.

I am grateful to have consulted for and trained several companies – Fortune 500, smaller market players, and startups – improve their supply chain through advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence.

You can learn more about services and case studies here.

I am optimistic about 2023 and beyond, even as the world gives us plenty to be concerned about. We have only scratched the surface of how data, advanced analytics, and AI/ML techniques can make supply chains more nimble, robust, and future-proofed.

If you’re interested in a conversation about how you can do that – even if you’re not ready to engage now – please schedule a call here.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that 2023 is a year of growth for all.